mKart ENC Publishing System

The platform is designed to publish S-57 compliant ENCs along with other types of nautical publications via free mKart App.


About mKart Data Publishing System

The platform was developed for state agencies, hydrographic offices, commercial vendors collecting and processing bathymetric and navigational information, port’s authorities, surveying and engineering companies, dredgers, off-shore industry’s companies, lighthouses services, rivers navigation authorities, commercial data companies, individual contractors, volunteers, etc.

mKart platform is based on de-centralized approach to data collection, processing and publishing which doesn’t deny but supplements traditional ways of data distribution.

To publish ENC and nautical maps.

Data publishing is being performed by data owner via cloud’s account by means of the WEB interface. After data submitted to the system, they automatically become available through free mKart App.

To manage data distribution and licensing.

The data owner is to set up licensing policy completely up to his discretion and under his control via different types of licenses to be grunted for individual users – free, corporative and commercial. All this clients’ information is part of his account and can be verified or changed at any moment. 

To produce ENC and nautical publications.

To make new ENCs and bENC out from raw data they should be uploaded on the corresponding directory on the platform to be processed automatically or on interactive basis.  The produced new publications can be realized as above.

mKart Marine Navigation Software

Are you looking for marine naigation application, check out our free mKart application for iOS, Android and Windows platforms




mKart is successor of dKart Office, popular on international hydrographic solution, developed in cooperation with C-Map group. After C-MAP s.r.l. was sold to Boeing Jeppesen Company technical team started business on automotive market with innovative telematic system CityGuide. The basic principal confirmed by patent is used by all major players - Google, Waze, Yandex, etc.

mKart belong to Geophone International OY, Finland. SW Development office resides in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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